Empowering The Future Of Seasonal Tourism Employment

Going Live! is an Erasmus+ initiative dedicated to reshaping the European tourism employment landscape. We aim to empower seasonal workers, ensuring sustainable, year-round opportunities beyond the traditional high season. In a sector marked by seasonal fluctuations, our project stands as an innovative force, providing solutions to break the cycle of unemployment during off-seasons and open new career pathways for seasonal workers.

Our Vision

Going Live! envisions a future where seasonal workers in Spain, Greece, and Denmark have year-round employment opportunities. Our goal is to redefine seasonal work, ensuring that workers not only gain employability skills but also have the chance to showcase their expertise online, reaching a broader audience.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to delivering skill empowerment through a tailored curriculum of digital, green, and entrepreneurial skills. Fueled by innovative training methods, our mission is to forge a collaborative community that empowers robust career planning, resilient employment, and swift adaptation for seasonal workers in the tourism sector.

Join Us In Shaping The Future Of Seasonal Tourism Employment

Our Objectives

Understanding Seasonal Employment Challenges:

Gain insights into the impact of seasonal employment challenges on tourism workers.

Adaptation to Year-Round Opportunities:

Ensure swift adaptation to diverse conditions, opening new career pathways beyond peak seasons.

Resilience through Skill Empowerment:

Improve resilience by implementing skill empowerment programs for seasonal tourism workers.

Our Activities To Empower Seasonal Workers

Discover how Going Live! is revolutionising the seasonal workers employment landscape with the following impactful initiatives:

Strategic Workforce Management Framework:

We establish a comprehensive management framework to ensure the smooth execution of our project. Guiding our partnership through the project's timeline, we meticulously coordinate activities, actions, and deliverables, fostering collaboration among partners and stakeholders.

Measurable Outcomes:

We drive innovation through activities that yield tangible results. From thorough research to design, development, programming, testing, and ongoing improvements, we equip seasonal workers with skills that extend beyond the traditional high season.

Enhancing Collaborative Practices:

We organise transnational partner meetings at various project stages to foster collaboration and share best practices. Connecting partners and exchanging insights amplifies the impact of our initiatives, ensuring a unified approach to seasonal employment challenges.

Visibility Campaign for Project Achievements:

Showcasing our accomplishments, we engage in activities to present, explain, disseminate, and provide visibility to project results. Our efforts transcend borders, reaching stakeholders, policymakers, and the public to underscore the positive influence of Going Live! on the seasonal tourism employment landscape.

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