Empowering Seasonal Workers For Year-Round Success

Going Live is a groundbreaking Erasmus+ initiative committed to breaking the seasonal work cycle within the EU’s vibrant tourism sector. By imparting digital, green, and entrepreneurial skills, we empower seasonal workers to redefine their careers, ensuring opportunities beyond peak seasons.

Reshaping the Future of European Tourism Employment

Embark on a journey with Going Live as we revolutionise the employment landscape for seasonal workers in Spain, Greece, and Denmark. Our mission goes beyond traditional solutions, offering a transformative approach to skill development and career pathways.

Our Target Groups

Seasonal Tourism Workers:

Receptionists, cooks, waiters, bartenders, and cleaners.

VET Centers/Teachers:

Institutions and educators contributing to vocational education and training in the tourism sector.

Our Core Objectives

Enhance Employability:

Increase employment opportunities for seasonal workers during off-season periods.

Skill Empowerment:

Teach digital, green, and entrepreneurial skills to open new career pathways.

Online Visibility:

Enable workers to showcase their professional skills online to a wider audience.